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Bundle, Intestinal testsINTEST.pro gut flora test: Initial Measurement + Success Measurement

Self-test for at home – easy, practical, thorough

Take the INTEST.pro intestinal test and find out your personal intestinal flora profile with customised information on nutrition and things you should do. Because the good news is: You can change the composition of your intestinal bacteria. A one-week nutrition plan tailored to you makes it easier to take your first steps towards a healthier life.

How to take the test

A tiny stool sample (pinpoint-sized) is enough to perform the stool test: discreetly at home, clean and simply dabbed off a piece of toilet paper.


Comprehensive analysis of the intestinal flora with customised information on nutrition and things you should do. An expert customer service team is available to answer any questions.


The test is based on the analysis of the intestinal bacteria DNA, which is why, thanks to INTEST.pro, it is now possible to analyse the entire intestinal microbiota for the first time. In comparison, conventional methods (e.g. those used in general practices) analyse only around 15-20% of the intestinal bacteria. Important: We analyse microbial DNA (that of the intestinal bacteria), not human DNA.

For whom

The stool test is suitable for analysing weak points in the intestine, in order to figure out various complaints such as digestion problems or fatigue, and to optimally adjust the patient’s diet to suit their intestines.


The stool sample is analysed in the BIOMES laboratory near Berlin by our experts, who are leaders in the field of the complex biotechnological method called “Next-Generation Sequencing”.

Measuring success

Changing the composition of your intestinal bacteria can take up to three months. Therefore, we recommend that you implement your recommendations for about three months and then use your second INTEST.pro intestinal test to find out which areas you have already been able to change and where you can continue.

Data protection

The data is processed in encrypted form and will not be passed on to third parties. Storage is based on the highest security standards (GDPR-compliant).

INTEST.pro Comprehensive assessment

The assessment provides information about:

  • Your digestion
  • How intact your intestinal mucosa is
  • Factors that lead to inflammation & constipation
  • Immune system & vitamin synthesis
  • Tendency to lactose & fructose intolerance
  • Calorie utilisation and weight control
  • Diversity of your intestinal bacteria& percentage of harmful bacteria
  • Bacteria that affect your quality of sleep and cardiovascular system
  • Bacteria that affect energy metabolism and acidification
  • Tailored nutritional recommendations to improve your intestinal flora (incl. nutrition plan)

The evaluation of your INTEST.pro follow-up test contains the same topics as your first test result. In addition, you will receive a detailed comparison of both samples. This tells you in which areas you have already improved.


INTEST.proWhy should I take the test?

This analysis is suitable if you:

  • Have digestion problems
  • Suspect you have a weak immune system
  • Want to improve your fitness level
  • Need nutrition tips tailored to your gut
  • Want to understand your body better
  • Do not sleep well and often feel unwell
  • Are over the age of 15

The assessment contains not only the analysis results on the balance and condition of your intestinal flora, but also customised recommendations for improvement. The complex laboratory processes take around 2 to 4 weeks (after we have received the sample). The results are available online in a secure, data-protected area of the BIOMES website. If you have any questions, the BIOMES customer service team can be reached by email or phone.

Your INTEST.pro package contains everything you need to take your sample: A sterile cotton swab, a small sample container, a stamped return envelope and instructions.

BundleIncluded in the package price: Initial measurement plus success measurement

With the INTEST.pro intestinal flora test, you first find out what exactly you are lacking so that you can then implement your individual recommendations. With your INTEST.pro follow-up test, you will find out in which areas you have already been able to optimise your intestinal flora and where there is a need for further action, e.g. through foods that are good for your intestines.

This is how your order works:

  1. First you will receive a package with your two INTEST.pro intestinal tests.
  2. At home, you first carry out the first INTEST.pro test, send in your sample and receive your result about 2 to 4 weeks later. You will find recommendations for action and nutrition that match your weak points.
  3. We recommend that you implement the recommendations tailored to your bowel for about three months.
  4. After three months, carry out the second INTEST.pro test to convince yourself of the improvements in your intestinal flora.

We hope you enjoy exploring the exciting world of your intestinal bacteria!

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