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Your gutThe centre of your well-being

Your gut is not just a food transporter. It is your metaboliser, provides you with energy, a stable immune system and even a good mood.

Did you know that the gut is colonized by trillions of bacteria? This so-called microbiome has a greater influence on the optimal functioning of the gut and thus on our health than you might have thought. The composition of your microbiome determines whether all important intestinal functions are adequately supported. Intestinal complaints, weight problems and immune deficiencies often result from an unfavourable bacteria ratio.

Our innovative INTEST.pro gut flora test can tell you exactly what you need to know. You will also receive recommendations on how to compensate for certain deficiencies and get rid of unwanted bacteria.

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Would you like a personal consultation?

We will answer your questions in our 30-minute telephone consultation:

  • Do you regularly have complaints such as constipation, flatulence, diarrhoea?
  • You would like to lose weight and have not had any success so far?
  • You want to get fitter and stay healthy?
  • You already have your INTEST.pro results and would like a detailed and personal consultation?
  • Do you have further questions about your individual dietary recommendations?
  • Are you unsure whether our INTEST.pro gut flora test is right for you?

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Book your personal consultation today and talk to one of our BIOMES experts about the microbiome and gut-healthy lifestyle.

This is how the order works:

  1. Book a 30-minute personal telephone consultation via the BIOMES Shop.
  2. One of our BIOMES experts will get back to you by email to arrange an appointment.
  3. We call you at the agreed time, advise you and answer your questions.

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