Probiotics: What is this?

Probiotics are living bacteria that you ingest through food. They can consist of different bacterial cultures and strains. Probiotics promote microbial diversity and can have a positive effect on your intestines. It is crucial that they live and are thus active and able to multiply.
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What are natural probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria appear automatically in your food. Natural probiotics are for example, yogurt, kefir, pickled vegetables or apple vinegar. Because they all contain lactic acid bacteria, which take over important tasks in your intestines. Among other things, they keep putrefactive bacteria in line and produce vitamins and lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose).

But don't worry, you don't have to eat only food with lactic acid bacteria. Above all, you should feed the existing, good bacteria well enough. Fibers are one of the favorite foods of your intestinal.

Probiotic dietary supplements for increased demand

In the form of specially composed probiotic bacteria cultures you can - in addition to natural probiotics - help your intestinal bacteria to get started. Probiotic supplements contain different bacterial strains, depending on what you need.

This support for your intestines is especially useful when there is already a strong imbalance or when you are in a stressful situation. An antibiotic therapy, for example, means pure stress for your bowel. With a probiotic dietary supplement you directly prevent the medication from killing too many of your good and useful bacteria. You can hardly compensate for this increased burden on your intestinal flora with the food itself.

Stress can also be traveling to a foreign country with unfamiliar foods. Or a pregnancy in which a lot of things change in the body. Your intestine is sensitive and can be quickly thrown out of balance. It usually adjusts itself by its own, but if the imbalance is too strong, it can be difficult.

How do I know which probiotic will help me?

But how do you know which bacteria are missing in your intestine and which probiotics might help it? With the intestinal analysis from BIOMES you can easily find out in detail what bacteria colonize your intestines. Order a test kit, send a small stool sample to BIOMES and after a short time you will receive an exact evaluation of your intestinal flora. And even more important: The BIOMES scientists will tell you how you can help and strengthen your intestines.

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