Effective intestinal protection when taking antibiotics

Since the discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin, by Alexander Fleming in 1900, antibiotics have saved countless lives around the world. That the drug has a health benefit in bacterial infectious diseases is indisputable. Nevertheless, the use of antibiotics can harm the intestinal flora. In order to protect it, you should therefore support it during and after taking the medication. natural probiotics and probiotic dietary supplements such as RESTART.pro from BIOMES can strengthen intestinal protection after taking antibiotics.
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After taking antibiotics, protect the intestines: This is how it works

After an infection, the body must first regenerate. This also applies to the intestinal flora. In order to be able to protect the intestine sufficiently after taking an antibiotic, the condition of the own intestinal flora should be known first. The stool test INTEST.pro contains an extensive analysis of all intestinal bacteria and provides many helpful tips and hints for intestinal protection - even during and after antibiotic use. It gives among other things information about the nutrition, digestion, vitamin synthesis, the immune system and the calorie utilization as well as inflammation factors in the intestine. In addition, the test provides indications of possible food intolerances.

With the knowledge from the detailed online dashboard, which summarises all results of the stool examination very clearly, it is easier to initiate measures to protect the intestinal flora. After taking antibiotics, for example, RESTART.pro is a suitable probiotic dietary supplement. It contains different bacterial cultures, which support the development of the intestinal flora. It is taken in capsule form. Thanks to the enteric coating of the capsules, the valuable bacteria reach the intestines unharmed and can unfold their full effect there. RESTART.pro is also suitable for vegans and people with gluten or lactose intolerance.

In addition, an appropriate diet helps to improve intestinal protection after taking antibiotics. In case of intestinal inflammation, diarrhoea, flatulence or abdominal pain, natural probiotics from food help – for example bifidobacteria in milk products. It usually takes several months for intestinal protection to take effect after taking antibiotics and for the intestinal flora to recover and regain its balance. Foods that are intolerant or allergic should be avoided in order to not cause additional irritation to the stomach and intestines.

Build up of intestinal flora after taking antibiotics

If you need to take antibiotics, it is always a good idea to give your intestinal flora a helping hand. After taking antibiotics for a short time, your intestinal flora usually regenerates itself. However, if it hasn't been completely balanced before or if the antibiotic has drastically reduced several useful bacterial strains, the intestinal flora can have a difficult time.

Especially with the right nutrition you can help your intestinal flora already during the antibiotic therapy and also afterwards. Take as little sugar, alcohol and easily digestible carbohydrates as possible. Eat plenty of fibre, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt or kefir. This way, your good bacteria receive a lot of food.

With probiotic food supplements you can additionally support your intestines during and after taking antibiotics. In addition, this prevents you from causing more damage in the first place. Because probiotic bacterial cultures contain several bacterial strains at the same time, which are sometimes difficult to supply with food.


The probiotic food supplement DEFENSE.pro is also suitable for strengthening the immune system. In addition to 12 valuable bacterial cultures, it contains important vitamins that support the natural immune system.
They help to ward off pathogens and increase the body's own well-being.