– Help your intestinal flora with probiotic capsules is a probiotic supplement , that we have specially developed for intestinal cleansing after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics not only fight the bacteria that cause infections but also eliminate many microorganisms that are beneficial to the human body. With each capsule, your attacked intestinal flora receives a large amount of valuable bacterial cultures that help your body restore the delicate microbial balance in your intestines.
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That's what is all about...


… and this is how it can support your body!!

Representatives of the bacterial strains Lactobacillus1, Bifidobacterium2, Streptococcus thermophilus3

  • well-functioning digestion
  • improved nutrient intake
  • a strong immune system
  • prevention of allergies, high blood pressure and inflammations in the intestines
  • inhibition of the spread of certain cancer cells

Bifidobacterium animalis4

  • displacement of pathogens

Saccharomyces boulardii5

  • prevention of the adhesion and penetration of undesirable microorganisms
  • containment of bacterial toxins
  • Prevention of inflammation


  • support of detoxification and excretion processes

    rice starch

    • serves as food for bacteria in the large intestine

    Very important: The right packaging

    In order to get all these ingredients safely into the intestines and your intestinal flora can blossom again, the capsules have a particularly thick and resistant shell. This way gastric juice cannot damage the capsule and the bacteria are first released in the gut. This is very important because the stomach acid would attack the bacteria.

    The Secret of Success of has a double effect: this probiotic supplement contains not only useful bacteria, but also the substances that the bacteria need as food - so-called prebiotics. This combination of probiotics and prebiotics is called a symbiotic. Why is this mixture so successful? Very simple: The bacteria immediately have enough food in their intestines to multiply and settle permanently.
    • At BIOMES you can buy active microorganisms for your intestinal flora in practical capsules.
    • is one of the probiotic food supplements that can quickly rebuild and balance your intestinal flora even after a long antibiotic therapy.
    • You can find out exactly how your intestinal bacteria are like with our self-test The test result also tells you what is best for your gut.