Build up intestinal flora and restore balance

Some intestinal diseases require treatment with antibiotics. Once the infection has subsided, the person seems healthy at first. But often the natural intestinal flora gets out of balance due to the strong medication. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the intestinal flora again and let it regenerate. BIOMES probiotic dietary supplements, specially developed for this purpose, can support the regeneration process.
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It is important to build up a healthy intestinal flora in order to be ready to prevent possible diseases. Psychological factors also influence the intestinal health.Lack of sleep, too much stress or worry can lead to inflammations of the intestines. In order to sustainably improve your own intestinal flora and to prevent chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases as well as flu-like infections caused by a weakened immune system, you should also reduce your stress. An athletic balance to everyday stress or relaxing measures such as yoga, meditation or Autogenic training ultimately also strengthen your intestinal flora.

Rebuild the intestinal flora: What can help?

First, it is advisable to carry out a thorough stool examination. With this is very easy. Send a tiny stool sample to our BIOMES laboratory and we will do the rest. The test evaluation will tell you what your personal intestinal flora is like. The results inform you about the microbes of your intestinal flora and allow conclusions to be drawn about your immune strength, nutrition, digestion, and possible intolerances. Our BIOMES experts summarize the results in a dashboard for you.

There you will also find suitable recommendations for diet or weight loss. An appropriate diet is a suitable way of building a healthy intestinal flora. Tailored to your intestinal flora and possible food intolerances, a special diet can relieve stomach and intestinal complaints and increase your general well-being. Various probiotic food supplements also have a supporting effect on an attacked intestinal flora. They can help you restore your intestinal flora.

For example, is suitable for this purpose. After antibiotic treatment, your intestinal flora can be quickly rebuilt with the capsules. The dietary supplement contains seven different bacterial strains and six vitamins, which are contained in an enteric capsule shell and can, therefore, reach the intestines undamaged. Another advantage of It contains no gluten, no lactose, no artificial flavors or preservatives. Therefore, it is also suitable for people with food intolerances. In addition, the capsules are vegan and can be integrated into a personalized diet.

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