The 6 bacterial strains in LEAN.pro have been combined to achieve a better balance in the intestine.

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    The balanced intestine

    Studies have shown that the intestinal bacteria of overweight people have a different composition than the intestinal bacteria of slim people. It has been shown that people who have more Firmicutes than Bacteroidetes bacteria are more likely to be overweight.

    This is because Firmicutes are better at converting fat and thereby storing it, whereas Bacteroidetes bacteria utilize fat poorly and, as a result, the fat simply passes through the body without being captured. The situation is similar with carbohydrates: While Bacteroidetes bacteria encapsulate unused carbohydrates, which are then simply excreted with the stool, Firmicutes bacteria specialize in digesting and storing carbohydrates.

    Every person needs both bacterial strains for a healthy digestion, but the relative proportion is crucial: Firmicutes hereby help the body to absorb calories more efficiently, which in turn can lead to weight gain. Fortunately, we can influence the proportions of our bacterial strains by altering our lifestyle and eating habits, thereby reclaiming Bacteroidetes bacteria to help us lose weight. An adequate amount of exercise is also important to reduce overweight.


    Recommended ingestion

    The live microorganisms come in the form of a powder contained in capsules with enteric coating. This is to ensure that they pass through the stomach without any problems. During digestion, acid and enzymes are produced which would make it difficult for the microbes to survive. To make absolutely sure that the capsules will arrive undamaged in the intestine, it is recommended that the capsules are ingested 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. By the time they reach the intestine, the coating has dissolved and the bacterial strains can colonize the colon. The recommended dose is one capsule per day. If LEAN.pro causes discomfort in any way, adjust or discontinue intake. It is also no problem to stop the intake for 1-2 days, so that the body can slowly get used to the ingredients. If you also take antibiotics, you should take LEAN.pro at least 2 hours after you take the antibiotics. Compatibility with other probiotic products from BIOMES and drugs: It is possible to combine two or more probiotic food supplements from BIOMESHowever, for the microbes to develop optimally, we recommend not to take more than one probiotic food supplement at a time. The recommended maximum number of capsules is 1 per day. A longer-term or even permanent intake of BIOMES probiotic food supplements is only recommended if this is done on the basis of the intestinal flora analysis INTEST.pro.Thanks to the exact listing of all microbes living in the intestine, it is possible to determine exactly which cultures are missing or deficient so to settle only those in a controlled way. Otherwise the intake without analytical basis can lead to the displacement of important other bacterial cultures which are not supplied in such high doses. In addition, BIOMES food supplements contain highly active bacterial cultures that are capable of reproduction. No side effects with other drugs are known. Food supplements do not substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Please store out of the reach of children. If you suffer from a severe histamine intolerance, you should not take this probiotic composition. We recommend HISTA.pro to people who have a known intolerance of this type.



    LEAN.pro contains 6 different bacterial cultures with a total number of at least 6 billion microorganisms:

    Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium breve, Streptococcus thermophilus, glucomannan and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, D

    Plant-based enteric capsule coatings from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

    Vegan, free of gluten, lactose, artificial flavoring and preservatives.