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If you suspect that your intestine and its inhabitants are not quite fit, or if you simply find it exciting to find out what is happening in your body and which microorganisms are involved in your wellbeing: we can help you to find out what is happening in your body: Then do an intestinal flora analysis with – the most complete test compared to classical laboratory diagnostics.

Our test will not only tell you what may be going wrong in your bowel, but it will also give you concrete hints and tips on how you can improve his condition again.

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What exactly is is an intestinal flora analysis that precisely evaluates which bacteria and microorganisms are present in your intestine - and which may be missing. With the help of a complex stool test we analyze your intestinal flora. BIOMES was the first company in Europe to carry out an intestinal analysis with this precision. The BIOMES scientists not only provide you with the analysis results, they also draw many conclusions from the test results:

  • how is your digestion in general and how well you digest fiber or burn fats,
  • whether you have a tendency to intolerance,
  • whether you have a resistant or rather weakened immune system,
  • how you utilize calories and whether or not you can detect a tendency to gain weight,
  • how balanced or unbalanced your intestinal bacteria are.

DNA analysis of intestinal dwellers

Classical intestinal flora tests work by means of cultivation. But from BIOMES has a completely different approach: We determine the DNA of your intestinal bacteria and analyze them according to the latest biotechnological standards using high throughput sequencing (HTS)1. Thus, our test captures the totality of your intestinal microbiota and is therefore much more accurate than classical intestinal analysis, which can only determine 10 to 15 % of all microbes.

Send in your sample and receive a detailed intestinal flora analysis enables you to have the condition of your intestinal bacteria professionally tested: discreetly, in a familiar environment and according to the latest scientific standards. You will receive a test-kit with everything you need to take the sample, conveniently delivered to your home.

The test kit contains

  • a cotton swab,
  • a sample tube containing a DNA-stabilizing solution,
  • a stamped envelope,
  • instructions to activate your sample and to view the personal test analysis in the dashboard.

This is how the intestinal flora examination works

That's what we do with your test results

We test your intestinal flora with a small stool sample, which you take from the toilet paper with a cotton swab and stir into a DNA-stabilizing solution. You send the sample container to the BIOMES laboratory, where the stool sample is examined. You will then receive your personal microbiota profile and a detailed evaluation of the results.
The interpretation of your results is based on the BIOMES knowledge database, which our scientists have built up with the help of about 6,000 scientific publications. We don't just evaluate your sample according to the F-scheme, but take into account the latest scientific knowledge2 and other factors such as age, state of health and nutrition type when interpreting the results: so that you get a truly accurate and individual analysis of your intestinal bacteria based on our test.

Improve your life quality thanks to

An imbalance in the intestine can severely affect your quality of life. Chronic complaints, in particular, drain the nerves and can restrict you in your everyday life. Be it digestive problems, a vulnerable immune system or food intolerances: All these complaints can be caused by a lack of intestinal bacteria. And there are many factors that can affect your bowel and upset its balance: Taking medication - especially antibiotics - stress and an unbalanced diet are just some of them.

Only if you know exactly what you and your intestines are missing is it possible to, take targeted action - for example by adjusting your diet or stabilizing the intestinal flora with high-quality probiotic food supplements.

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More Information

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