Combi Flora SymBIO


Combi Flora SymBIO is a highly effective symbiotic from effective nature designed to support a diverse intestinal flora. It contains 14 different probiotic strains and the prebiotic inulin.

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Combi Flora SymBIO

Combi Flora SymBIO from effective nature comes in capsules and is taken to regulate and support a diverse intestinal flora. The capsules will provide you with a combination of probiotic bacterial strains, a special strain of yeast and the prebiotic inulin. The prebiotic inulin serves as food for the probiotic cultures to ensure that they have everything they need in the intestine. A combination of probiotic and prebiotic is called symbiotic. Probiotic bacteria live in the colon even if they are not regularly taken up with the food. However, in some situations the intestinal flora has been disrupted and is therefore not as diverse as it should be. This is the point when a probiotic can intervene and supply the required bacteria in concentrated form. The bacteria will colonize the colon and multiply—helping the intestinal flora to regenerate. While many other probiotics contain only a few bacterial strains, Combi Flora SymBIO delivers 13 probiotic bacterial strains plus a special yeast strain, each in high concentrations. In addition, these are live, i.e. active, cultures, whereas many other probiotics only supply inactivated bacterial strains.