Combi Flora ProbioImmun


Two small capsules – one huge product. ProbioImmun from the Combi-Flora series from effective nature is the new combined preparation for the effective support of your normal immune function through the targeted supply of your organism with valuable nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B12.

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Combi Flora ProbioImmun

The combination of the supporting vitamins C and B12, which contribute to a normal function of the immune system, and the mineral zinc, which has a function in cell division (which is particularly important when the body has to provide immune cells), is THE guarantee to strengthen your immune system! ProbioImmun is supplemented by various probiotic bacterial strains, which favour a varied colonisation of the intestinal mucosa and by biotin, which contributes to the preservation of these mucous membranes. Intact mucous membranes are especially important if you want to prevent infections effectively: Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, supports intestinal health as well as that of the upper respiratory tract in this way.