Combi Flora Fluid


Combi Flora Fluid from effective nature is a high-dose liquid probiotic rich in valuable probiotic bacterial strains, which serves to build up and maintain your intestinal flora.

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Combi Flora Fluid
In addition to its probiotic bacteria, Combi Flora Fluid contains various plant and herbal extracts such as grapefruit extract, OPC, which is found in grape seeds, as well as thyme, licorice, rosemary leaves and sage.

What effect does Combi Flora Fluid have?
The sheer number of different probiotic bacteria that this liquid probiotic contains is particularly remarkable: It has no less than 24 different probiotic strains, it is far superior to most other probiotics as far as bacterial diversity is concerned. As part of an intestinal cleansing regimen, Combi Flora Fluid supports your intestinal flora in an uncomplicated manner by helping a large variety of lactobacteria and bifidobacteria colonize your intestine or replenish those bacteria populations.