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Your intestine is your second brain

No organ is as important for your natural well-being as your intestine. It regulates approximately 80% of all immune reactions and has a great influence on the processes in your brain. That's why you feel unwell if your intestinal flora is out of balance. This can be due to a variety of influences, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, illnesses, infections or ingesting medications such as antibiotics. Persistent stress, too much alcohol or nicotine or a lack of exercise also have an unfavorable effect on the intestinal flora.

Why is that?

The intestinal flora consists of trillions of bacteria that process nutrients from food and regulate metabolic processes. For a long time, the magnitude of the impact of bacteria on health and well-being has been seriously underestimated. However, many scientific studies have demonstrated this impact in recent years. Awareness is growing that the balance of our intestinal bacteria not only affects our digestion but also significantly regulates the strength of our immune system and our mental well-being. It is important to balance the intestinal bacteria as not all bacteria are desirable. If the bacteria are in balance, they can even prevent travel diarrhea, morning sickness, allergies or food intolerance. To help this process, probiotics can be ingested.

Common intestinal complaints

If the "good" bacteria are missing, the probability of digestive problems, malaise, exhaustion and other complaints increases. Many sufferers then complain of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation (defined as bowel movement occurring less frequently than three times a week), diarrhea (defined as relatively liquid bowel movements occurring more than three times a day), flatulence, heartburn or abdominal pain.
Since these complaints often have no so-called structural causes but are due to a bacterial imbalance in the intestinal flora, the good news is that constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain can be alleviated by restoring the balance in the intestine. For this purpose, the exact causes of the imbalance should first be analyzed. With, BIOMES launched the first complete intestinal flora analysis, which identifies all microbes and – by using a personal microbiota profile – can give individual recommendations for improving health and well-being. is a self-test for taking a stool sample in a familiar environment, e.g. at home.

How do you restore your intestinal balance?

The balance of your intestinal flora can be supported by taking probiotic food supplements or prebiotic food. It is well known that changing your diet requires a lot of patience, which is why a probiotic food supplement can be a quick way to reduce a variety of digestive and intestinal complaints. BIOMES products are specially designed for cases of intestinal afflictions caused by antibiotics, morning sickness, obesity, travel diarrhea, allergies or food intolerance.