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We at BIOMES want to help people to take their health into their own hands and accompany them on their path to greater well-being. That’s why we share our condensed knowledge on the topics of “The intestine and immune system”, “Healthy intestinal nutrition” and “Losing weight with intestinal bacteria” in our free ebooks. Find out more about the exciting world of your intestinal bacteria – it’s worth it! 

Why should you get to know your gut better?  

Billions of bacteria live in your gut, most of which are better than their reputation and are very good for you. This is because your bacterial co-residents affect more than just your digestion. They control your immune system, curb your appetite, regulate your calorie utilisation and much more. The good news is that you can affect the composition of your intestinal bacteria – especially with the help of our tips on nutrition for a healthy gut.  

The intestine and immune system

Healthy gut, healthy person: This ebook will teach you how your immune system functions and how you can strengthen it. You will also learn the most common immune system illnesses and find out what benefits children in particular.

Healthy intestinal nutrition

You are what you eat and what your bacteria digest! In this ebook you will learn what is good for your gut and your soul, and what type of nutrition is suitable for building up the intestinal flora.

Losing weight with intestinal bacteria

Very few people manage to lose weight without the yo-yo effect. In this ebook you will learn how to lose weight with the help of your intestinal bacteria and pick up tips on how to efficiently change your diet.