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Our Mission – Our Focus

The Microbiome

Trillions of microbes – bacteria, viruses, fungi – colonize our bodies forming the microbiome and impact bodily functions and health. Over the last years microbiome research has developed rapidly and contributed to the understanding of its importance in science and healthcare. At BIOMES we want to help people understand their bodies better and aid in preventative healthcare. A big part of that is helping the scientific community grow and progress. Therefore we want to offer the ideal solution in sequencing for all fields of microbiome research and beyond.

Current Science and Modern Workflow

Our Laboratory Service

At BIOMES your samples are analyzed at our own, highly automated lab, located near Berlin, Germany. We utilize liquid-handling systems and up-to-date methods to offer reliable and reproducible results. Our DNA extraction methods are chosen by sample type and optimized for maximum material yield. Our precise Quality-Control system helps us keep track of your samples. Our lab works fast and efficient so in most cases data is available after only a handful of weeks – on top of that we offer fast-track options in many cases.

Overview of our Metataxonomics & Metagenomics lab-services:
  1. Sample collection with our Research Kit included in all packages
  2. Sample collection tubes standardized for optimal comparability and to exclude all biases
  3. Samples preparation using mechanical, thermal & chemical lysis
  4. Ample range of sequencing and other methods: 16S rDNA sequencing, ITS2 sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA seq, qPCR
  5. Illumina MiSeq system using 2 x 300 bp paired-end protocol & Illumina NEXTSeq system using 2 x 150 bp paired-end protocol
  6. Raw data in FastQ format

Are you missing something? This is only an excerpt of our full range of services. Feel free to contact us about other methods and pricings.


Our All-in-One packages come with publication-ready results, created by our highly trained researchers.

Data Analysis

Our data analysis is on the forefront of modern science and gives you comprehensive insights into your samples.

Modern Technology

Our very own Laboratory operates under the highest, technological standards and is near-fully automated.

Scientific Community

BIOMES cultivates a science-positive environment. That’s why we want to help researchers be as successful as they can be – Through our services and otherwise.

Reference Database

Results for most sample types are optimized using the BIOMES Reference Database.

Research Kit

Our Research Kit comes with our own DNA-stabilizing Buffer. Helping us achieve the most precise result possible.

Send us a message if you would like to take the opportunity to work with us.

Our Team

Dr. Paul HammerCEO