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Fitness does not start in the gym, but in the gut. The foods we eat directly influence the composition of the intestinal flora and thus also have an impact on general health. A healthy intestine is a prerequisite for a strong immune system and good utilisation of important nutrients and vital substances.

Trillions of intestinal bacteria are found on the intestinal mucosa. Nowhere else in the body are there as many bacteria as in the intestine – ten times more than body cells. From the age of two, the intestinal flora is mature, but its composition can change constantly due to diet and lifestyle.

The most important digestive and energy-utilising intestinal bacteria are lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. The so-called “facultative pathogenic” bacteria, i.e. disease-promoting microorganisms, include clostridia and coliform bacteria. These cause fermentation and putrefaction processes and can thus trigger digestive problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Physical well-being therefore depends to a large extent on a healthy intestinal flora. A weakened intestinal flora can also promote psychological complaints such as depression and nervousness.

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Nutrition and exercise support the gut and ensure greater well-being

You can promote your gut and your well-being through conscious nutrition and sport. It is not without reason that the intestinal flora is called the mirror of health. The functionality and composition of the intestinal bacteria reflect the lifestyle and diet. Exercise and a healthy diet are good ways to bring this mirror back to a high gloss and strengthen the immune system.

You can support your intestinal fitness primarily with a balanced diet. Foods that strengthen the well-being of the intestines include:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cold potatoes
  • Wholemeal products
  • Legumes

Also make sure to include the following three cornerstones for a healthy gut in your diet:

  • sufficient dietary fibre
  • resistant starch
  • Lactic acid bacteria

It has been proven that you can positively influence the intestinal flora through regular exercise and sport. Especially endurance sports, targeted weight loss and muscle building require a high-protein and high-fibre diet with sufficient gut-healthy and energy-rich nutrients.

A balanced intestinal flora alleviates intestinal complaints

To restore the intestinal flora, a precise analysis of the causes of the imbalance is necessary. With INTEST.pro, BIOMES brings the first complete intestinal flora analysis to the market, which contains individual recommendations for increasing health, well-being and quality of life.

INTEST.pro is a self-test used to collect a stool sample in a familiar environment, which determines the microbial composition, i.e. the number and distribution of the intestinal bacteria.

The balance of the intestinal flora can be supported by taking probiotics or probiotic foods. You can find more information about this on our info page on probiotics.

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