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Inflammation of the bowels:

The correct nutrition plays a decisive role in intestinal inflammation, because it can relieve symptoms or promote recovery. In general, you should only eat foods that are good for your stomach and intestines. In the best case, the right diet […]


Your diet plays an important role for a healthy intestinal flora. Here you can read about how to eat healthy and get suggestions and recipes for your own personal goals.

Fitness & Well-being

Did you know that your well-being and your athletic performance are related to your bowels? Here you can find out what is behind it and what you can do to successfully lose weight, improve your performance or strengthen your immune system.

Intestinal health

Your gut health plays an important role in your overall health. Here you will learn how to build up a good intestinal flora and how the intestine and the psyche are related.

Intestinal complaints

Intestinal problems can affect anyone and always have different causes. Here you can find out how to prevent your complaints.

BIOMES Podcast

Here you can find podcasts that we have produced or in which we appear as experts.