With a healthy vegan diet, you can lose weight gradually

Losing weight with a vegan diet: Does it work?

Some people become vegans because they want to protect animals or the environment. Others abstain from consuming meat, milk, etc. for health reasons. Still others expect to lose a few kilograms due to the change in diet. But is this really possible?

Eat vegan and lose weight: Healthy and balanced

Veganism is a special form of nutrition in which animal products such as meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, but also honey and gelatine are avoided. This renouncement does not mean automatically that you renounce thereby also on body weight . You can lose just as well or badly as with any other diet.
But if you make the most of the vegan diet, you may well lose a pound or two in the process.The most important thing is not only to exchange animal food for vegan varieties, but to change your entire diet . That is even very recommendable. As a vegan you do not eat some foods that are sources of important nutrients. In order to continue to absorb these nutrients, you should look calmly over the edge and integrate foods into your diet that you may not have known before.
A healthy and balanced vegan diet focuses on:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates, for example from wholemeal products
  • Healthy protein sources such as pulses
  • Unsaturated vegetable fats from nuts, seeds and oils
  • A few principles that can help with weight loss with vegan diets

    Even though vegan nutrition is not primarily there to lose weight, there are some things you can do to lose weight in this way. Above all, be patient with yourself. A crash diet in which you lose a lot of weight in a very short time is neither healthy nor will the result last for a long time. With a healthy vegan diet you can gradually lose weight. Here are a few tips to help you:
    Use more energy than you consume
    Calories are nothing but energy. The energy you supply to your body has to be used up again. Otherwise it stores it. If you consume less than you use, it taps into its stores. Such a calorie deficit is not only achieved by eating less, but also by moving more.
    Eat filling food
    Losing weight with a vegan diet does not necessarily mean that you are struggling through the day with a growling stomach. Eat foods that satisfy for long. These include:
  • complex carbohydrates from wholemeal products
  • protein-rich foods such as legumes or tofu
  • high-fibre foods, e.g. wholemeal products, flax or chia seeds, fruit and vegetables
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    Prepare your own food
    Vegan fish sticks, vegan lasagne or vegan pizza can now be found in many supermarkets. These dishes are free of animal products and quick to prepare, but they often contain additives, too much sugar or too much fat. If you cook yourself, you can determine what is in your meals. You don't have to stand in the kitchen for long to do this. Oat flakes with fruit and unsweetened soy yogurt for breakfast or a small bowl of salad with fried tofu or roasted chickpeas for dinner are quickly prepared.
    Drink enough and the right drinks
    Do you know this sudden, almost uncontrollable feeling of having to eat something? Your stomach may not growl yet, but it still magically pulls you to the chocolate bar. Maybe you're not hungry at all, but thirsty. Sometimes we confuse that. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should replace a full meal with a glass of water. But make sure that you drink enough throughout the day. You should avoid fruit juices or soft drinks. Water and unsweetened teas are the better choice – and vegan.
    Move, exercise
    As mentioned above, you can also achieve a calorie deficit by exercising more. Even if you want to lose weight with a vegan diet, you should exercise. Choose a sport that you enjoy, so that you do it regularly. Maybe you don't enjoy jogging, but you can't think of anything better than a sweaty hip-hop dance lesson with cool music?
    Try also to accommodate more exercise in everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work or take a walk in the lunch break. Especially when you sit all day in your job, you do something good for your body with every little bit of exercise.
    Care for your intestinal flora
    Your intestine can play an important role in losing weight – or rather: its inhabitants. Your intestine contains a variety of intestinal bacteria that have different functions. Firmicutes bacteria, for example, help in the digestion of fat. If you have many of them, they can digest more fat – and store it in your body.
    With the help of an intestinal analysis with INTEST.pro you can find out what your intestinal flora is composed of. In the results you can see, for example, which bacteria you have the most of and which bacteria you have the least of – and which effects this can have on your body and on your weight loss attempts.