Personalized nutrition: eat what’s good for you

Personalised nutrition: Everyone uses food differently: One person can eat a large piece of cake after a heavy main course and does not gain weight despite a high-calorie diet. The other, to the contrary, immediately notices changes on the scales as soon as he eats only a few days more than usual.

The intestinal bacteria, among others, are responsible for the different ways in which the waste is recycled. They break down the food, dissolve it into its components and make it easy for the body to absorb. Since the intestinal flora is composed individually for each person, the metabolism is always somewhat different. A personalised nutrition therefore makes sense.

Align nutrition with the intestinal flora

Numerous studies have confirmed that people use food differently. We can now say exactly which bacteria are responsible for the utilization of which food components. Among other things, the following representatives cavort in our intestines and wait for their favourite food:

  • Bacteroides: This type of bacteria loves to digest proteins and high-quality fats, such as those found in fish or nuts.
  • Lactobacilli: These representatives are happy about dietary fibres, for example from lentils or bananas – and it is worth pampering the lactobacilli, because they digest lactose and can counteract intolerances.
  • Bifidobacteria: If you would like to strengthen your immune system, you should, among other things, cultivate the genus Bifidobacterium – for example by regularly eating probiotic foods such as kefir or fermented vegetables.

  • If you eat as diverse and varied as possible, you will promote a great diversity in your intestinal flora. And a well-balanced microbiom provides well-being for the whole body.

    However, your intestinal flora may be out of balance. There are many reasons for this; a long-term, unbalanced diet can be behind it, but taking an antibiotic can also affect the microbiome. Do you want to promote your intestinal bacteria and choose personalised food that best suits you and your intestines? Then you should first know how your bowel is doing.

    Personalised nutrition

    With, BIOMES offers you a convenient way to precisely analyze your intestinal bacteria: with a method that meets the latest biotechnological standards.1 All you need is a small stool sample, which you can take discreetly at home with the test kit and send to us.

    With the evaluation of your intestinal test you get more than just a list of bacterial species: BIOMES gives you via the online dashboard concrete personalised nutrition recommendations on how you can do something good for your intestines and your body.

    Personalised diet plan- General recommendations

    Your diet plays a very important role for your general well-being. That's why we help you with a personalized nutrition recommendations. Suppose the intestinal analysis shows that you have difficulties in digesting and absorbing proteins optimally due to the composition of your microbiome. So that more of the corresponding bacteria can settle in your intestines again, you should put protein-rich foods on your diet more frequently. In the dashboard you will find several such general recommendations on how you can better adjust your diet to your intestinal flora and strengthen the "good" intestinal bacteria.

    1. Cho I, Blaser M J. The human microbiome: at the interface of health and disease. Nature Reviews Genetics 2012:13, 260-270.