Have a nutrition plan created: Professional and individual

Nutrition plays an important role in strengthening your intestinal flora and keeping your intestines healthy. After all, every food you eat makes its way through your intestines. And not every intestinal bacterium tastes the same: So it also depends on the choice of your food which bacteria you promote and which which ones might starve. Create your perfect nutrition plan online!

To strengthen your intestines - and therefore your general well-being - the right diet is an important factor for you.

Every person has a different need

The human intestinal flora is made up of countless bacteria: About one trillion of these microorganisms populate your intestines. They work diligently, digest the food you eat, and ensure that harmful substances or pathogens are kept in check and safely transported out of your body.

The exact composition of the microbiome is unique in every human. Ideally, the "good" and "bad" bacteria balance each other out. But for various reasons it can happen that one or the other species gains the upper hand. That can express itself completely differently: for example in a weight increase, in food incompatibilities or a general weakening of the immune system.

In addition to the general recommendations for a balanced diet - including lots of vegetables, fruit and fiber - there are always some recommendations especially for you. This will promote the bacteria you need and contain the potentially harmful bacteria.