What are detoxifying foods?

If you eat a healthy diet, drink enough water and exercise twice a week, you are doing a lot right. Nevertheless you still have toxins in you. Our organism cannot completely escape the toxins in food and air. Although our detoxification system is working at full speed, the liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system should not be stressed more than necessary: detoxifying food can help your body to clean. With the right ingredients on your diet, you can boost your body's detox function and help it fight harmful substances on a daily basis.

Green Tea: Mild Antioxidant Supplier

A true miracle cure for detoxification is green tea. Its recipe for success: antioxidants. Especially the catechins help to protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals can promote diseases and attack healthy tissue. At the same time Catechins strengthen the liver function and thus the natural Detox effect. Another plus is the diuretic effect of green tea. It gently flushes toxins out of the body without dehydrating it.

Just one or two cups a day, whether enjoyed hot or cold, can help detoxify the body. By the way: Who doesn't drink coffee, sweetened fruit juices, lemonade and alcoholic beverages contributes even more to the natural detoxification of his body.

Detoxifying food - Lemon: Fruity energy boost

Lemon provides a fresh energy boost. This is mainly due to its high vitamin C content - indispensable for the production of liver-supporting glutathione.

Although lemons taste sour, they have a alkaline effect in the body. Thus the detoxifying food has a positive effect on digestion and contributes to the rapid elimination of toxins.

And this is how you eat the vitalizing food: Simply mix the juice of half a lemon with a glass of warm water and enjoy this drink every morning on an empty stomach.

Ginger: Lemony-spicy multitalent

As far as detoxification by certain foods is concerned, ginger takes the lead. This is mainly due to its ingredients gingerol and shogaol: They crank up the metabolism and stimulate the natural detoxification process.

Especially ginger tea is often drunk for detoxification. The beneficial drink can be prepared in a few minutes. Simply grate two teaspoons of fresh ginger, add to hot water and leave to steep for five to ten minutes.

Detoxifying food - Avocado: Green fibre guarantee

Whether as a sandwich spread, in salads or in pasta sauce - the avocado has long convinced our palate. Now it's our liver´s turn. The high vitamin K content of the avocado protects the detoxification organ from free radicals. At the same time, the green fruit provides plenty of fiber that supports both digestion and the body's natural detoxification. About half a avocado daily, whether in smoothie or on the sandwich, support you in your detoxification through food.

Linseed: Active support for digestion

Just like avocados, linseed is good for your digestion. They swell up in the intestines and thus stimulate intestinal activity. In order to absorb their ingredients better in the intestine, you should crush or grind the linseed. This makes them an excellent topping for salads. The liquid alternative: You put a teaspoon of ground linseed in a glass of warm water and drink this mixture every day on an empty stomach for two weeks.

Detoxification diet – BIOMES helps

Every body is different, which is why a standard diet plan never meets the individual needs of each individual. BIOMES therefore focuses on personalized recommendations.

Requirement for such a customized offer is the INTEST.pro, a reliable analysis of your intestinal bacteria. Take a stool sample with the test kit and send it to BIOMES. Our scientists evaluate your intestinal flora according to the latest biotechnological standards. With the results you will not only learn how your digestion is doing, but you will also receive useful nutrition tips. Which detoxifying foods are particularly good for you? Which can you do without in good conscience? Our online dashboard has the answers.