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Can you lose weight with probiotics?

The fact that probiotics are good for our body is already revealed by their name: “Pro” is Latin and means “for”, and the ancient Greek word “bios” means “life”. Small microorganisms, bacteria and fungi, such as those contained in probiotics, are essential to the human body. The totality of all microorganisms in our intestine – the intestinal microbiota – fulfils numerous important tasks. And if it is balanced and diverse in composition, it can also help, for example, in weight reduction. So can you lose weight with probiotics?

What are probiotics?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, probiotics are living microorganisms that provide a health benefit to the host organism. Probiotics occur in different forms: There are foods that are naturally probiotic and probiotic supplements that are enriched with bacteria of specific strains. The decisive factor is that the microorganisms are alive and can multiply in the body.

Lose weight with probiotics: You can even find them in your food

There are some foods that contain living bacteria, especially lactic acid bacteria. You can easily absorb them through your food and thus enrich your intestinal flora, which can have a positive effect on your weight loss goals. You can naturally lose weight with probiotics contained in food. There should be always a place in your everyday life for the following natural probiotics – even if you are not on diet:


This must be fresh sauerkraut that has not been heated but fermented to preserve it. See if you can find one at the organic market.


Eat natural yoghurt, which you can enrich with honey or fresh fruit to give it more flavour.


Not everyone likes it, but it is worth giving the kefir a chance. The sour, thick milk drink is produced by fermentation with the kefir fungus.


The Japanese spice paste is made from fermented soya – and fermented is always good, as numerous bacteria are at work in the fermentation process.

Cider vinegar

Another fermented food that you can always eat – a dash of cider vinegar in a salad dressing, for example, and your bowels will be delighted.


It is celebrating a comeback as a trendy drink – and we think that’s great. Because Kombucha tea is also fermented. And what you find in it accordingly, we probably don’t have to say again.

Why can you lose weight with probiotics? With a balanced intestinal flora, bacteria that are beneficial for losing weight and those that are more likely to get in the way of losing weight are roughly the scales. Useful bacteria include the bacteroidetes bacteria. These bacteria are not so thorough in extracting energy from food. If your intestinal flora contains enough Bacteroidetes, you won’t easily create an excess of calories that would make you gain weight.

And even if you eat probiotic foods that do not contain any of these “slimming bacteria”, you still promote the diversity of your intestinal flora, and this makes it easier for you to maintain a normal body weight.

Lose weight with probiotics – when are they useful?

The intestinal flora builds up automatically from birth – you just have to feed it well. Probiotic foods are very well suited for this. However, by no means all foods contain the useful bacteria. The active enrichment of the intestine with bacteria can therefore be highly recommended, especially in certain situations, for example after an antibiotic intake. Because antibiotics work – as the name suggests – against bacteria.

Although antibiotics only target certain pathogenic bacteria, no antibiotic is actually so targeted. That is why some of the good representatives are always affected. So if your intestines are weakened by antibiotics and the variety of bacteria is reduced, probiotic food supplements can help you to enrich the intestines with useful bacteria in a targeted way and in a short time. .

Even if you want to give it a chance, you can lose weight with probiotics. Some people find it difficult to lose weight because they have too few of the “slimmers” in the intestines, but more of the “fatteners” – especially the firmicutes bacteria. There are some probiotic food supplements available that contain these bacteria. In combination with a balanced, fibre-rich diet you can multiply these little helpers in the intestines and losing weight is easier for you. However, if you try to lose weight with probiotics alone, it will not lead to success: A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are also necessary.

On the way to the ideal weight: specifically promoting intestinal bacteria

Maybe you are wondering how you should know which intestinal bacteria you have and whether you really can lose weight with probiotics? With the intestinal analysis INTEST.pro from BIOMES you will soon have certainty: Have a test kit sent to you, take a stool sample, send it to the laboratory from BIOMES and be patient for a while. After about two weeks you will receive a detailed evaluation of the condition of your intestinal flora.

The scientists of BIOMES will not only explain what is going on in your intestine and what might be missing, but will also give you concrete tips.

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