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Vegane Lebensmittel: Pflanzliche Alternativen kennen

Long-term slimming – with the help of intestinal rehabilitation

A bowel restoration can help you to restore the balanced state of your bowel. The aim of intestinal rehabilitation is to influence the composition of the intestinal flora in such a way that it can optimally fulfil its functions for our health and well-being. But cleansing your intestines can also have an effect on your body weight. Find out here how you can take advantage of the positive effects and healthily lose weight with the help of intestinal cleansing.

A strong partner: Your intestinal flora

Your intestines are full of bacteria.The totality of all these microorganisms is called intestinal flora. It fulfils a central function in digestion: intestinal bacteria break down food into individual components so that the nutrients it contains can be absorbed by the body. Each type of intestinal bacteria fulfils a special function. Thus, the composition of the intestinal flora also determines how well the metabolism functions overall.

However, intestinal bacteria do not only have an effect on the metabolism, they are also an important component of the immune system and influence general well-being. A particularly species-rich intestine can work best for our body and our health: If many bacterial species are present in the intestine, the microbiome can adapt to changed conditions (such as medication or stress) without being damaged in its entirety.

A sensitive equilibrium in the intestine

The composition of our intestinal flora is as individual as a fingerprint. However, a fingerprint remains largely the same throughout your life – the composition of your intestinal flora changes in certain proportions. It depends on your diet, your lifestyle and the harmful substances you ingest.

The intestinal flora can get out of balance. Then certain bacterial strains dominate, while others are absent or underdeveloped. A one-sided diet, the intake of antibiotics or prolonged stress can be responsible for this. The symptoms of a disturbed intestinal flora are manifold: digestive problems, weight gain, fatigue and psychological upset are among them. With the help of an intestinal reorganization the bacterial balance in the intestine can be restored. This usually noticeably improves general well-being – and losing weight is often easier after bowel cleansing.

Step 1: Analysis of the intestinal flora

Before you start with the intestinal rehabilitation, you should find out how your intestinal flora is currently affected. You can do this directly at home without a doctor: with the intestinal test INTEST.pro from BIOMES. Therefore you take a small stool sample with the help of the test kit and send it to the laboratory. There the sample will be analysed by the scientists of BIOMES. Then you get a detailed insight into the composition of your intestinal flora as well as your calorie utilization, vitamin synthesis and immune strength.

Possible weak points of your intestinal flora can be easily identified by the test results. Based on these results, the experts of BIOMES will put together a personalized recommendations, which will help you in the course of your intestinal rehabilitation and the subsequent change of diet.

Step 2: Bowel cleansing

For optimal preparation of bowel rehabilitation, you should first perform bowel cleansing.This can be done with gentle, natural laxatives or with colon hydrotherapy. In this procedure, about ten liters of water are repeatedly fed into the intestine to thoroughly rinse it out.In order for intestinal rehabilitation to have a lasting effect, the intestinal cleansing should be followed by an improvement in the milieu – i.e. a colonisation with important intestinal bacteria in an optimal ratio. Success in losing weight is often easier to achieve after intestinal cleansing and repopulation with bacteria, because the conditions are ideal for “feeding” useful bacteria in a targeted manner.

Ernährungsplan erstellen Assoziationsbild
Step 3: Intestinal rehabilitation

In the next step, the actual intestinal rehabilitation begins: specific bacterial strains are supported or supplied . In most cases, a complete and fibre-rich diet is recommended, which contains plenty of vegetables and raw vegetables, nuts, legumes and lactic fermented foods. Additionally products with viable bacterial cultures can be taken, as for example the probiotic bacterial cultures in the food supplements of BIOMES, which can colonize the intestines now again. Also sufficiently movement and liquid supply are important during the intestine reorganization.

Within a few months the balance of the intestinal flora can stabilize again. Frequently, however, the first improvements can be seen after only 14 days. And losing weight is also often easier after intestinal rehabilitation.

Diet? Intestinal rehabilitation!

An unbalanced intestinal flora promotes overweight. Studies show that Firmicutes bacteria dominate the microbiome in people who gain light weight or lose weight slowly. These bacteria break down fat and sugar particularly well. This can lead to 10 percent more energy being gained from the ingested food.

People, on the other hand, who predominantly host Bacteroidetes bacteria in their intestinal flora, lose weight more easily. You can support Bacteroidetes bacteria with a healthy, fibre-rich diet and probiotic foods such as yoghurt and kefir. The intestine reorganization contributes also to it, between Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes a balanced relationship to establish. This makes losing weight even easier.

More information about INTEST.pro The BIOMES intestinal test

How do we analyse your intestinal flora? What exactly does the test include? Where can you buy INTEST.pro?
And how do we protect your data?

Dr. Paul Hammer
CEO & Founder
Dr Paul Hammer is the founder and CEO of BIOMES NGS GmbH. Paul received his PhD in systems biology and bioinformatics in 2012.
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