Successful weight loss made easy

Lose weight! On average, we spend six years of our lives on diets – each individual diet lasts 4.5 weeks on average. However, short-term weight loss is quickly followed by the yo-yo effect and the lost kilos return. Such short-term weight loss cures do not result in long-term success. It can be actually quite simple: Here you can find out how to get rid of overweight permanently.

Effectively lose weight: Without stress due to long-term change of diet

You want to lose weight successfully and in the long run? Then you can't avoid changing your diet permanently – if possible without stressing yourself. Because if you want to quickly reach the beach figure for your planned holiday with a radical diet, you will be under enormous pressure. Your body can react to this with the release of cortisol – and this hormone inhibits fat loss. Instead, plan your change of diet long-term and do things that relax you and do you good. Breathing exercises or meditations can also help.

Speaking of relaxation: With seven to eight hours of sleep per night, your metabolism can work better and you will rather feel full. In addition, it is probably easier for you to eat consciously during the day when you are rested and relaxed.

Healthy nutrition in everyday life

If possible, take time for your meals. Conscious eating prevents cravings and makes it easier for you to lose weight. If you don't have much time to cook in your workday, Meal Prep might be a solution for you. You cook healthy food the evening before. Because if different meals and snacks are prepared, it is easy for you to eat healthy even under time pressure. With homemade portions that you take to work, you no longer have to resort to unhealthy snacks from the canteen or vending machine. So you can make sure that your diet is always rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre with little effort.

Successful weight loss with a nutrition diary

With a nutrition diary you identify such foods that you can replace with healthier and lower calorie alternatives. Make a regular note of which foods you have consumed and when. Keep a record of your mood. If, for example, you find that you comfort yourself with tasty food when you are frustrated, you can consider alternatives that also cheer you up, but do not result in overweight. Perhaps a long walk in the park or a call to a confidant might do you just as good instead of a chocolate consolation.

Proper weight loss through sufficient fluid and exercise

You can support your metabolism by drinking enough. Try to consume at least 1.5 liters per day, low-calorie drinks like still water or unsweetened teas. Sufficient hydration helps your body to detoxify and promotes concentration and vitality. Half a liter of still water before meals also increases your body's energy turnover.

You should also integrate sport and regular exercise into your everyday life. Endurance sports boost fat burning and often have a positive effect on your health. With light strength training you can strengthen your muscles. Since muscles need energy, your calorie consumption increases permanently and you can lose weight more effectively.

Bring intestinal bacteria into balance

Your intestines can also help you to lose weight successfully: It contains trillions of bacteria that support your digestion, help you absorb nutrients and strengthen your immune system. However, studies have shown that people who gain weight easily or lose weight only with difficulty often have an increased number of Firmicutes bacteria in their intestinal flora. These bacteria make particularly thorough use of fat and sugar – and thus provide your body with a great deal of energy. If your intestinal flora contains an increased number of Firmicutes bacteria, you will gain up to a tenth more calories from your food than is normally the case.

Successful weight loss with BIOMES' personalized recommendations

In order to lose weight successfully in the long run, it can be helpful to inform you about the composition of your intestinal bacteria before a change of diet. With the intestinal test from BIOMES this is possible without any problems. The corresponding intestinal analysis is a modern biotechnological procedure1 in which a stool sample is examined in the laboratory. The results show the exact composition of your intestinal flora. In addition to the analysis results, you will also receive a personalized recommendations that should help you to bring your intestinal flora into balance.

1. Cho I, Blaser M J. The human microbiome: at the interface of health and disease. Nature Reviews Genetics 2012:13, 260-270.