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Stool Test

Perform stool test and improve intestinal flora

If the intestinal flora – also known as microbiota – is altered; this often leads to cramps, flatulence and many other digestive problems. Because apart from the multitude of bacteria that contribute to the health of your intestine, many others can also have a negative influence on your well-being. With a stool test you can act and and get to the bottom of the causes of your aches..

Why a stool test makes sense

The personal microbiome of a human being contains countless bacteria. Many of them are necessary for certain processes in the body to function. However, other microorganisms can have negative effects on our well-being. The bacteria of the intestinal flora play an important role in this.

If the intestinal flora is out of balance, this can also affect the immune system – as a result, the body’s natural defenses are weakened. Scientists even found initial evidence that an altered gut flora could be associated with more serious diseases, the cause of which would not have been suspected to be in the intestine, such as autism. An intestinal test can be used to accurately analyze the condition of your gut flora to uncover weaknesses that can make you ill.

The BIOMES stool test offers a new approach by applying scientific results from microbiology to the individual intestinal flora for the analysis. BIOMES uses thousands of studies for this purpose. A comprehensive data comparison provides information on the causes of intolerances, frequent symptoms of fatigue, permanent exhaustion and much more.

Create a personal intestinal flora profile with INTEST.pro

With the intestinal test INTEST.pro, developed by BIOMES scientists, you will be able to find out in which areas your intestinal flora may be weakened. Only if you know these weak points, you can do something to increase your well-being permanently. The first part of the stool test can be done at home. The advantage is that you can take a small sample of stool relaxed in your usual environment.

INTEST.pro can be done quickly and easy during the toilet session. You only need a small amount of stool for the exam; the tube should never be completely filled with stool. Use the enclosed cotton swab to take the sample and remove some of the stool from the toilet paper. Then simply insert the swab into the tube, put it in the stamped envelope and send it to the BIOMES laboratory. Don’t be surprised if there is already a liquid in the tube. It guarantees that the DNA of your microbes will be preserved until the sample is analyzed in the laboratory.

geöffneter INTEST.pro Darmfloratest von BIOMES

There is still no stool test that can be done completely at home. The evaluation of the sample requires a professional stool test in a laboratory. Our experts will carry out an extensive stool test based on your stool sample. They will identify the existing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms; in other words, the microbial DNA of your sample. This may indicate the possible causes of abdominal cramps or digestive problems.

An overview of your personal microbiota profile will then be created. The profile contains all the findings that the laboratory has obtained by analyzing your intestinal flora. You can access the analysis from anywhere. In your personal login area, the results are presented in a clear and data-protected dashboard – including recommendations adapted to how you can help your intestinal flora and, therefore, improve your quality of life.

Stool Test

at home and in familiar surroundings.


quickly and easily in the enclosed stamped envelope.

Stool examination

by our experts in the BIOMES laboratories.

Overview of results

in your personal dashboard.

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