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Testing intestinal bacteria: for more well-being

Bowel problems are not uncommon. Many people suffer at least now and then from digestion problems such as cramps, diarrhoea, flatulence or constipation. The causes are manifold, but the condition of the intestinal flora – the so-called microbiota – always plays a decisive role.

If the balance of the bacteria in the intestine is in disorder, this can lead to various complaints. An examination of the intestinal bacteria helps you to find out what the cause of your complaints is and how you can treat them.

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When is it advisable to test your intestinal bacteria?

There are countless microorganisms in the human intestine – bacteria are just a few of them. They are important for the digestive processes and the body’s own defence against pathogens. If the intestinal flora is weakened, this can have a negative effect on the digestion and the immune system. Food intolerances, general weakness, and excessive fatigue are just a few of numerous possible symptoms.

A impaired balance of intestinal bacteria favours the following factors, among others:

  • certain diseases
  • the intake of drugs that harm the microorganisms in the intestine, for example antibiotics or cortisone
  • an unbalanced, acidic diet
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • stress and worries

In order to restore the microbiotic balance in the intestine, a detailed analysis of the intestinal flora is first necessary. Because only if you know the weak points of your intestine, you can strengthen it specifically and thus improve your quality of life overall.

Our intestinal bacteria test INTEST.pro offers you the possibility to have your intestinal bacteria examined professionally in the laboratory. Based on a stool test we can determine the composition of your intestinal bacteria and give you recommendations – for example regarding a diet change.

Comprehensive analysis with INTEST.pro

With the intestinal test INTEST.pro you can find out in detail what your intestinal flora is like. In order to analyze your microbiota, we need a stool sample from you. The set of the INTEST.pro contains a cotton swab with which you wipe off a little stool from the toilet paper and put it into the tube provided. This contains a solution that preserves the DNA of your stool so that the sample can be used for intestinal bacteria testing in the BIOMES laboratory. A tiny amount of stool is enough, hardly more than the size of the head of a pin.

Once the sample has arrived at the BIOMES laboratory, we examine the intestinal bacteria using the most advanced biotechnological analysis methods and determine the microbial DNA of your stool. On the basis of the DNA sequences we are able to create a individual microbiota profile. This also includes an examination for possible food intolerances. In addition, the INTEST.pro provides information about:

  • vitamin synthesis
  • digestion
  • immune strength
  • the calorie utilization
  • body weight
  • the equilibrium of intestinal bacteria

Based on the results of the self-test we create a detailed evaluation of your intestinal flora. You will receive all results of your intestinal bacteria analysis through a protected Login area – clearly summarized in an online dashboard. There you will learn everything about the strengths and weaknesses of your intestinal flora and get tips to improve your quality of life – all based on the BIOMES intestinal bacteria test.

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