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Support your immune system with a treatment

When pathogens invade your body, your immune system is called upon: it renders the germs harmless and thus protects you from infections. Numerous organs and cells are involved in this work. Normally the immune system is very powerful. But various factors can weaken it. With a targeted immune system treatment you strengthen your body’s own defence system.

Strengthening the immune system with a treatment: When does it make sense?

There are many causes for a weakened immune system. Often there is an interaction of environmental pollutants, unbalanced nutrition, chronic stress, lack of exercise and too little sunlight. Alcohol, nicotine and some drugs such as antibiotics can also attack the immune system in the long term.

You cannot actively influence all these factors. That’s why it can be useful to support a weakened immune system with a treatment – especially if you feel drained, tend to get colds or have had to take antibiotics for a long time.

An immune system build-up cure means strengthening the immune defence with food supplements over a period of several weeks. You can use this opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle.

How does an immune booster cure work?

The intestine plays an important role in the immune defence. Over 100 trillion bacteriacolonize the intestinal mucosa. There they produce vital enzymes, support the absorption of nutrients and neutralize pollutants and germsthat you ingest with your food. The intestine thus regulates up to 80% of all immune responses of the entire organism. If the intestinal flora is out of balance, this can significantly impair the immune defence.

It is worthwhile to start the immune build-up with a cure: With it you can build and maintain a balanced intestinal flora in a targeted and concentrated way.

Food supplement Bacterial cultures for your gut

Learn more about DEFENSE.pro, the food supplement with bacterial cultures, vitamins, active yeast and calcium for your gut from BIOMES.

After the restorative treatment: strengthening the immune system in everyday life

You can do a lot in everyday life to strengthen and support your immune system. A balanced diet rich in vital substances is an important basis for an active immune defence. This includes above all vegetables, fruit, nuts and high-quality oils, so that you take in sufficient vitamins and other nutrients. Fibre should also be given a firm place on your plate, as it is important food for your intestinal bacteria.

In addition, you can eat probiotic foods such as yoghurt or Kefir to support your intestinal flora. Kefir contains a number of good lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus casei or Lactobacillus bulgaricus, vitamin A, many B vitamins as well as vitamins C and D, minerals and trace elements such as iodine, iron and calcium. Of course, you can also add probiotic foods to your diet to support your immune system.

Before an immune system treatment: finding out the status quo

Before you carry out an intestinal reorganization with an immune build-up cure, you should first find out what exactly your intestine needs. This is very easy with the intestinal test INTEST.pro from BIOMES. BIOMES scientists will give you a detailed insight into your vitamin synthesis, immune strength, possible intolerances and the general distribution of bacteria in your intestine.

This way, possible weaknesses in your intestinal flora and thus also in your immune system can be identified. Based on this, BIOMES will put together personalized recommendations to help you with a change in your diet. A cure for the immune system can bring lasting success in this way.

More information about INTEST.pro The BIOMES intestinal test

How do we analyse your intestinal flora? What exactly does the test include? Where can you buy INTEST.pro?
And how do we protect your data?

Dr. Tewodros Debebe Aklilu
Head of Science & Co-Founder
Co-founder and Head of Science at BIOMES. He received his PhD in medical microbiology in 2017.
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