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Detoxify the body: with natural methods

There are numerous theories and opinions about pollutants stored in the body and how they can be flushed out again. You can also buy many products like Detox and Co. to help you rid your body of toxins. The fact is that we don’t always give our bodies the best – be it cigarettes, beer after work or meat contaminated with drug residues.

But can’t our body detoxify itself – naturally? Is it even necessary for us to help?

Detoxify your body naturally – Is a body detox necessary?

Basically, your body has its own detox organs with sophisticated mechanisms. All substances which your body does not need or which could even harm it are eliminated liver, kidneys and intestines in the course of the natural metabolism. Also our skin frees itself from time to time from substances it does not need: In the form of mostly unpleasant skin impurities. In addition, a runny nose, cough or sneeze can be traced back to mechanisms of our body with which it expels viruses, bacteria or simply foreign substances.

But if there are diseases, organs are damaged or a large amount of toxins are present at the same time, the capacities of your detoxification organs can be exhausted. If serious complaints or even illnesses occur, it is always necessary to go to the doctor who will initiate the appropriate therapy. But in the best case it does not come at all so far.

Detoxify your body naturally by fasting

A very popular method to detoxify the body naturally and to promote the elimination of unneeded substances is fasting. Fasting can look very different: Some people do not eat solid food for a certain period of time. But also the interval fasting wins more and more followers. Some days without food intake can alternate with days on which you eat normally. Another popular variation is that you eat eight hours of food a day and only drink for the remaining 16 hours.

Another type of fasting is when you temporarily completely abstain from some stimulants, such as cigarettes, alcohol or sugar, which have been shown to have a negative effect on the human body, especially when consumed constantly. A positive side effect would be if, after the period of time you have set yourself, you completely stopped using such addictive substances or at least reduced them permanently.

Cures for natural detoxification

As another option, you could do a detox cure. Again, there are different suggestions and theories that can help you to eliminate pollutants from your body. However, before you drink lemon juice for weeks, you should seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist. If you reduce your diet to a few foods over a longer period of time, you risk a nutrient deficiency.

An intestinal rehabilitation detoxifies your intestinal flora

Whether it’s after a disease, antibiotic therapy or years of one-sided nutrition: Even your intestines can accumulate some things that don’t belong there, or it can get out of balance. Intestinal cleansing is also a natural way to detoxify the body. After all, the intestine is responsible for the well-being of our entire body, and numerous complaints can have their cause in an unbalanced intestinal flora.

Prevention is the best way

As is so often the case, however, the best thing for your body is to take precautions so that no harmful substances are stored in the first place. You should pay attention to what you supply to your body and give it enough rest so that the organs can do their natural detox work.

A few tips on how to detoxify your body naturally and permanently:

  • Above all, eat unprocessed food and use organic products as often as possible. Pesticides, flavour enhancers, preservatives etc. do not belong in our natural food.
  • Do sport regularly to activate your body and stimulate your metabolism.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, because our organs can be busy with cleaning out the mess while sleeping.
  • Buy consciously and try to avoid cosmetics with microplastics, mineral oil, hormones and other questionable ingredients. Because also your skin can take up some things which your body does not like.

Detoxify the body? Better to prevent naturally

Those who consciously deal with their diet usually have automatically less need to detoxify their body again. As long as you and all your organs are healthy, your body is able to detoxify itself naturally.

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Dr. Paul Hammer
CEO & Founder
Dr Paul Hammer is the founder and CEO of BIOMES NGS GmbH. Paul received his PhD in systems biology and bioinformatics in 2012.
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