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Interesting information Investigate your intestine in the BIOMES healthcare magazine

Welcome to the BIOMES healthcare magazine! Online and always up-to-date – you can find the latest news on the topic of intestinal health here. We regularly upload scientific studies and findings, exciting expert interviews in video format and informative articles relating to the microbiome, the bacterial kingdom in our intestines, and nutrition that is good for the gut. BIOMES gives people the tools to make them healthier and happier. We are always working towards becoming a lifelong healthcare companion to all. We wish you a healthy intestinal flora and much pleasure browsing! 

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Recipes and Ideas

The gut can be colonised by good bacteria which help you digest your food and bad bacteria, which are a [...]

Schnell abnehmen: Erfolg auch ohne Radikaldiät
Successfully lose weight

Lose weight effectively: Without stress through long-term dietary changes On average, we spend six years of our lives on diets [...]

Gesunde Gemüsekiste mit vielen Ballaststoffen und sekundären Pflanzenstoffen
Strengthen immune system

Das Immunsystem ist unser Schutzschild gegen Krankheitserreger – eine leistungsstarke Barriere, oder vielmehr ein Wächter, der schädliche Bakterien, Viren, Pilze, [...]

Bad skin? Your gut microbiome could be to blame

Bad skin? Your gut microbiome could be to blame Experts reveal top tips on how good gut health can help [...]

Die spezifische Immunabwehr
The specific immune response – what is it actually?

The immune system is the bouncer of your body. It decides who gets in and who gets out. And your [...]

Vegane Lebensmittel: Pflanzliche Alternativen kennen
Long-term slimming – with the help of intestinal rehabilitation

A bowel restoration can help you to restore the balanced state of your bowel. The aim of intestinal rehabilitation is to [...]