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Stool examination: what is it good for?

In medicine, an stool analysis is a common procedure for finding the causes of acute complaints (for example, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or vomiting). A laboratory then examines whether there are pathogenic bacteria, viruses or parasites in the stool, or whether there is any blood that might be indicative of intestinal disease. In short, when a sample of the bowel movement is examined, the aim is to find out which microorganisms live in our intestines.

Even a healthy intestinal flora contains a lot of bacteria and other tiny helpers that support the body in digestion and strengthen the immune system. These good microorganisms can be found in the bowel movement as well as harmful ones. The analysis of a stool sample provides information on how the individual intestinal flora of a person is structured.

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Why is a stool analysis worthwhile?

Every human being has a very individual microbiome: a multitude of microorganisms that live on and in his body. He needs many of these small creatures in order to stay healthy. In particular, the part of the microbiome found in the intestine has a decisive influence on the entire organism.

Research into the relationship between human well-being and intestinal flora is still in its infancy, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the intestinal ecosystem can affect far more than the health of this organ. Among other things, science is investigating the effects that the little helpers in our bellies can have on various diseases, for Example:

  • sleep problems
  • depressions
  • obesity

With a stool analysis you can get to know your own intestinal flora better and implement recommendations that support the health-promoting components of the microbiome.

This is what you should know about a stool analysis.

A microbiological stool analysis does not have to cost much, but must be carried out by a laboratory. It is therefore not possible to examine your bowel movement completely at home with a test – however, the sampling can be carried out independently. At BIOMES you will find a stool test with INTEST.pro, for which you take a small sample of your stool at home and send it to our laboratory. There the flora of the stool will be examined and an exact analysis of the number and distribution of microorganisms will be carried out.

You will then receive your personal microbiota profile and learn what the stool test has revealed about your intestinal flora. At no additional cost, you will also receive personalized recommendations for your intestinal health. This way you will not only learn how your bowel is doing, but also what would help you to keep it healthy.

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