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Feel Better Why should you get to know your gut better?

Billions of bacteria live in your gut, many of them are good and some (hopefully only a few) are bad. They make up your so-called microbiome, also called your intestinal flora. Thousands of scientific studies show that your intestinal bacteria impact not only your digestion, but also your mood, sleep, allergies, fitness, immune system strength and much more. That’s why you should get to know your bacteria – and find out what they like. Because the great thing is: By eating the right food for your gut, you can change the composition of your intestinal flora. You can find out how by taking our test.

Feel BetterWhat do your intestinal bacteria have to do with the test?

The bacterial composition of your intestine is like a fingerprint – it’s completely unique. Their functions are as diverse as the different types of intestinal bacteria themselves. Some draw lots of calories from your food, others defend against viruses, while others can attack your intestinal wall. Our biotechnological method finds all the bacteria living in your intestines (based on your DNA). In your report we group them into easy to understand groups such as “inflammation indicators”, “calorie utilisation”, “sleep and state of mind”, and many more. You will receive tailored nutrition recommendations to address each weak point.

INTEST.proFind out what your gut needs.

When your gut is balanced, it supports you in everything you do. If the intestinal flora is out of balance, a range of complaints can follow. Our intestinal flora test is based on the latest biotechnological methods. But it’s very easy for you to take. We need only a tiny sample to carry out the intestinal flora analysis and provide you with personalised nutrition recommendations for reaching your goals: whether you want to improve your fitness level, have a stronger immune system, fewer digestive complaints or lose some weight.

More information on our intestinal test and methods.

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The findings from the analysis are essential. They answered important questions I had. That’s why I’m very happy I discovered BIOMES. I’d like to highlight how detailed and easy to understand the results were in particular, and moreover the test kit was very easy to use! Analysing my microbiome also really helped me to choose the best prebiotics and food supplements for my health!
Bacterial cultures for your intestine
You can affect your intestine by eating the right diet, primarily by eating prebiotic foods. For the impatient, there are bacterial cultures in capsule form. We manufacture our composition of various strains with the utmost care and combine them with high quality prebiotics and vitamins to suit your needs.

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In our online magazine on intestinal health, you will find lots of interesting topics and articles from the multifaceted world of intestinal health. Conveniently sorted into categories, our articles are easy to click through.

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