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Research & Development Plamena Dikarlo

Plamena Dikarlo has played a key role in the BIOMES Science Team in the field of Research and Development since October 2019. She has a broad base of experience. She initially studied in the pharmacy department at the Frei Universität Berlin and has been a licensed pharmacist since 2014. She worked in various Berlin pharmacies, primarily as an employee, and there she acquired an enormous range of knowledge on how to put together the right medication. Her daily work at the counter also helped her to develop her extraordinary sense of empathy and tactful communication skills.

As Plamena was not only interested in medication for the treatment of pre-existing complaints and illness, but rather in their prevention, she added to her knowledge by completing a part-time masters degree in “Consumer Health Care” at the Charité Berlin University Hospital from 2015 to 2018. There she received a comprehensive overview of the structures involved in healthcare and honed her focus on the need for novel, patient-oriented approaches to improve health. She focused on the topic of prevention in her master’s thesis. Because nutrition, above all else, is the key to maintaining health, she also completed further training as a holistic nutritionist at the Paracelsus Naturopath School in Berlin. So she knows a lot about health and illness, and the right prevention or medication.

At BIOMES, she uses her knowledge to continually improve the intestinal test in order to help people better understand the effects their habits have on their health. With precision, charm and patience, she explains all this to those who are interested and, last but not least, has already opened the eyes of many BIOMES employees to how easy it can be to make healthy decisions.

Professional experience

Since 2019Employee in the Research and Development section of the Science Team at BIOMES NGS GmbH
2019Pharmacist at the ‘Quartier Apotheke Nolleturm’ pharmacy in Berlin with an advisory focus on HIV/hepatitis C, infectious diseases, dermatology, vaccinations, travel medicine, self-medication
2018/2019Pharmacist at the ‘Apotheke am Olivaer Platz’ pharmacy in Berlin with an advisory focus on metabolic diseases, orthopaedics, naturopathy, self-medication; nutritional advice for prevention and therapy
2017/2018Pharmacist at the ‘MediosApotheke’ pharmacy in Berlin with an advisory focus on infectious diseases, substitution therapy, dermatology, self-medication; nutritional advice, performance of BIA measurements; quality management
2013-2016Pharmacy trainee & pharmacist at the ‘Bong’ pharmacy in Berlin with management of the formulations & laboratory (testing, production and documentation of personalised medications according to the QMS), as well as management and implementation of the “medication management” pilot project

Scientific work

Master’s thesis
Evaluation of the evidence of orthomolecular medicine in the prevention and treatment of the common cold with special consideration of the preparations on the German pharmacy market