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Head of Laboratory & Co-Founder Philipp Franke

Philipp Franke is a scientist through and through. He studied biosystem technology / bioinformatics with a focus on method development, laboratory automation and nucleic acid sequencing at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. He initially worked as a lecturer in cell biology and participated in various projects in connection with the highly complex method of sequencing.

He had already come into contact with research on the microbiome, e.g. in connection with medicinal leeches. He then played a key role in establishing standards in high-throughput sequencing, as well as in the development of a patent for preparing nucleic acids for high-throughput sequencing. After contributing to several publications, he finally became involved in the founding of BIOMES NGS GmbH in 2017.

Since then, as the Head of Laboratory, he has been responsible for theBIOMESlab. With his diverse experience in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing, Philipp has contributed significantly to making BIOMES the gold standard for microbiome sequencing in Europe.

Professional experience

2017Co-founder and Head of Laboratory at BIOMES NGS GmbH
2012-2017Scientific project team member of the “molecular biotechnology and functional genomics” group, working in the field of NGS and standardisation
2009 – 2011Bioanalytics and biohybrid technologies tutor
2012Cell culture lecturer

Scientific work

Master’s thesis
“Influence of selected β-carbolines on the expression of histone deacetylases”

Quality management in the RT-qPCR
BIOspektrum – February 2012, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 42-45

Characterisation of the microbial symbionts of leeches
Scientific papers of TH Wildau 2013, January 2013, pp 8-12

Screening and genetic characterization of thermo-tolerant Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 strains created by adaptive evolution” BMC Biotechnol. 2014; 14:66;

Standardization and quality management in next-generation sequencing
Applied & Translational Genomics 2016; 10:2-9


Review and commentary of a DIN-SPEC for NGS;
Review and commentary of an ISO standard for qPCR