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Innovation Assistant Isabel Dorst

Isabel Dorst works in the BIOMES Science Team and specialises in nutrition and data analysis. After completing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Freiburg, which taught her the molecular interdependencies of various processes in the human body, she completed another bachelor’s degree in nutritional management and dietetics. She received her Master of Science in nutritional medicine from the University of Hohenheim Stuttgart. These different perspectives on human health and nutritional psychology mean she has a particularly comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of nutritional issues.

Even before starting at BIOMES, she dealt extensively with the intestinal microbiome, for example, as part of her master’s thesis on the previously hardly researched relationship between the stool colour of infants and their intestinal microbiome. She has also demonstrated her ability to work and think in a scientific way through her work with the Hohenheim Research Centre for Health Sciences in connection with scientific publications. She was also involved in implementation of measures studies at the Energy Balance Centre of the same university.

Isabel is fascinated by how unique each microbiome is and the complex interplay of communication between our microbiome and body cells.

Professional experience

2021Innovation Assistant in the Science Team at BIOMES NGS GmbH
2017-2020Research assistant at the University of Hohenheim
2016 – 2020Employee at Nichtraucherhelden

Scientific work

Master’s thesis
Development of a bioinformatic tool to assess the neonatal gut microbiota in relation to stool color

Bachelor’s thesis
Effects of coconut oil on blood lipids and the resultant cardiovascular risk

Bachelor’s thesis
Acute exposure of mice induces a transient increase in microglial cells

Contribution to publications:  

Huber, I., Stressler, T., Zhang, Y., Mu, W., Nie, S., Jiang, B., & Fischer, L. 1st German-Chinese Symposium “Functional and healthy food ingredients generated through state-of-the-art biotechnology”–Outcome & Perspectives.

Huber, Irene, et al. “Symposium report: emerging threats for human health–impact of socioeconomic and climate change on zoonotic diseases in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.International journal of circumpolar health 79.1 (2020): 1715698.