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A fast and reliable corona test

BIOMES uses state-of-the-art laboratory technology to help people learn about, protect and actively improve their health. This has been true for our intestinal tests from the very beginning and now also applies to the corona tests we perform in cooperation with the Carl-Thiem-Klinikum Cottbus (CTK). In order to provide as many people as possible with quick and reliable information about whether they have been infected with the virus, BIOMES has been supporting the COVID-19 test center at the TH Wildau since August.

Because there are a lot of corona tests in our laboratory, there are delays in the analysis of the intestinal tests. We ask for your understanding.

BIOMES and Carl-Thiem Klinikum collaborate testing for Corona

The Corona pandemic has shown us: The best way to fight the virus is together. The Cottbus Carl-Thiem-Klinikum (CTK) and BIOMES have developed an effective workflow that allows the analysis of more than 1,000 samples per day. In October, for example, samples collected at Berlin airport were processed. The DRK took the samples on site and arranged for their transport to CTK. The hospital’s task is to provide the laboratory infrastructure for the analysis of the samples. It also takes care of issuing the findings and billing the tests. The actual analysis and detection of the corona virus is finally done by BIOMES.

A corona test for everyone, prompt and uncomplicated

With the test center at the TH Wildau there is place available for people who are in Berlin or Brandenburg can do a corona test. On the one hand the residents of Brandenburg from the region with corona suspicion are referred to the test center, in order to relieve medical practices, on the other hand all citizens of Berlin and Brandenburg with symptoms can turn to the test center themselves. Very practical: The date can be booked simply on-line under corona-test-wildau.de. Thus waiting periods and crowds of people are avoided.

The first step of the test consists of collecting data from the person who wants to be tested. This is done via a WebApp, which generates an individual barcode that is linked to the completed referral slip. Sources of error are thus avoided and patient admission is optimized. The second step is the taking of the sample by a throat swab in a separate examination room of the test center.

All samples from one day are collected and transferred to the BIOMES laboratory the next morning. Depending on the number of samples, the tests are usually evaluated on the same day (except Sundays) and the results are electronically and securely transmitted to the CTK, where the results are immediately issued. Those tested can usually obtain the results within one day. The data is transmitted via the Corona-Warn-App or the website mein-laborergebnis.de.

BIOMES has the know-how and equipment for corona testing

Unlike the intestinal test that BIOMES offers, you cannot perform a corona test at home and take the sample and send it in. However, the analysis of an individual intestinal flora and the test for the corona virus have one thing in common: both are carried out with absolute certainty and using the latest technologies.

BIOMES already changed its laboratory processes at the beginning of the pandemic in Germany and was able to draw on its existing knowledge of laboratory automation. Especially during the first corona wave, the test procedures in many laboratories were still performed manually. However, this is time-consuming and leads to a low-test capacity. That is why BIOMES‘ automated processes are a real advantage, because they allow more people to get clarity in less time.

The expertise we need for intestinal flora analysis is another reason why BIOMES is up to the challenge of corona testing. The analysis of an individual microbiome requires more comprehensive laboratory methods than a corona test. The changeover to the new, simpler test target was therefore quick and easy. Another advantage that BIOMES offers: The Next-Generation-Sequencing method also allows for further mutation analyses of the corona virus.

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