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Fruchtsalat mit Minze
Nutrient deficiency

Bei einer gesunden und abwechslungsreichen Ernährung [...] haben Vegetarier*innen in der Regel keinen Nährstoffmangel zu befürchten. Vegetarier*innen sollten auf Nährstoffe [...]


Diet to improve gut bacteria?What do your defence system, your metabolism and your psyche have in common? According to research, [...]

Darmentzündung und welche Ernährung empfehlenswert ist
Inflammation of the bowels: What diet is recommended?

What diet is recommended? The correct nutrition plan plays a decisive role in intestinal inflammation since it can relieve symptoms and promote [...]

Frauenhände_Herzform auf dem Bauch
Intestinal diet – what is it?

If you want to lose weight, you have to have a healthy diet and do sports. So far, so right? [...]

Vegan diet – the 6 best foods for a balanced intestinal flora

With vegans, nothing coming from an animal can get on the plate. They live without meat, fish, eggs, honey and [...]

Colitis ulcerosa: Die Ursachen der chronischen Darmkrankheit
Important food supplements for vegans

When you eat vegan food, you avoid all animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. But they [...]

Carefree vegan: avoid vitamin B12 deficiency and other vitamin deficiencies

Deficiency symptoms are among the risks of a vegan diet. The probably biggest endangerment for vegans represents a lack of [...]

Deficiency symptoms

Nutrient deficiencies caused by a vegan diet. Vegan nutrition: What deficiencies do vegans have to fear? The vegan diet is [...]

Vegane Lebensmittel: Pflanzliche Alternativen kennen
Vegan Food: Knowing Vegetable Alternatives

What is vegan and which foods are not? Vegan is any food that does not consist of meat, fish, egg [...]

Vegan food
Vegan Food: Benefits and Potential Risks

Some people eat vegan food for moral reasons - i.e. because of the animals or for reasons of environmental protection. [...]

Ernährungsplan erstellen Assoziationsbild
From now on vegan – conversion made easy

A purely vegan diet means, especially for beginners, [...] a great challenge. eople always choose to live vegan. The transition [...]

Veganismus: Vegan essen und leben Assoziationsbild
Veganism: Eating and Living Vegan

People are eating vegan food in increasing numbers and are avoiding products that are animal based. This includes not only [...]

Gesunde Lebensmittel
Vegetarian: deficiency due to meatless diet?

More and more Germans are opting for a meat-free diet or are consciously reducing their meat consumption. According to ProVeg [...]

Vorteile und Nachteile von vegetarischer Ernährung
Are you happy going meatless as a vegetarian? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a vegetarian diet

For a balanced diet, you should always be very careful with the food you eat. Happy as a vegetarian without [...]

Vegetarians: Is it healthy to avoid meat?

If you know what is important for your diet, you're definitely doing something good for yourself. Is being a vegetarian [...]

Vegetarian lifestyle: everything about meat-free diets

Ovo-vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian? There are many diets that focus on avoiding meat. We dissolve the confusion of terms. Numerous studies [...]

Colitis ulcerosa: Welche Ernährung ist die richtige?
Personalized nutrition: eat what’s good for you

Personalised nutrition: Everyone uses food differently: One person can eat a large piece of cake after a heavy main course [...]

Ernaehrungsplan erstellen lassen
Have a nutrition plan created: Professional and individual

Nutrition plays an important role in strengthening your intestinal flora and keeping your intestines healthy. After all, every food you eat [...]

Ein Ernaehrungsplan fuer eine gesunde Darmflora
A nutrition plan for healthy intestinal flora?

The type of bacteria that make up your individual microbiome is largely determined by your diet. These microorganisms have their [...]

How the change in diet succeeds

A permanent change in your own diet is not easy. The eating habits that you have trained for years remain stubbornly anchored [...]

Vegetarische Bowl Vegetarier*in werden und abnehmen: Ist es so einfach?
Tips for Intestinal Health nutrition

Eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly – three simple rules that form the basis for a [...]

Zucker ist dein Feind - Zucker in Schüsseln
Sugar is the enemy in the gut: Why your gut doesn’t like sugar

Sugar is the new bogeyman among foods. What today is called the "white poison" was in the Middle Ages the [...]

Vegane Lebensmittel: Pflanzliche Alternativen kennen
Irritable bowel syndrome: The right diet

An irritable bowel syndrome manifests itself differently in each person affected. There are no general nutritional recommendations for irritable bowel syndrome that [...]

Probiotische Lebensmittel Käse Nahaufnahme
Probiotic food – or why your gut loves cheese

The stink is a real killer. Harz cheese, Limburger, Roquefort, cave cheese, they all stink! But cheese connoisseurs know: the [...]

Vegetarische Bowl Vegetarier*in werden und abnehmen: Ist es so einfach?
Crohn’s disease: the right diet for more well-being

The cause of Crohn's disease and some other intestinal diseases is not fully understood. However, certain environmental factors and dietary habits seem to increase [...]