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My Health, My LifeHealthy Intestines

Digestion: enzymes play a central role

We eat what we like. And we absorb important nutrients with our food. However, thorough chewing alone is not enough [...]

E-coli-Bakterien - das machen sie im Darm
E. coli bacteria: That’s what they do in the intestines

What are E. coli bacteria? E. coli bacteria – or simply E. coli bacteria – are considered to be the [...]

Bacteroidetes: That is why you should care for them

Your intestine is home to a multitude of bacteria – in total, your intestinal microbiome (the technical term for your [...]

Superheld mit Mantel und Maske
Intestinal bacteria – the superheroes in your body

They crawl and teem and keep crawling everywhere - bacteria. Over 100 trillion of these little things live in your [...]

Frauenhände_Herzform auf dem Bauch
Intestinal flora – what is it actually?

Intestinal flora - what is it actually? Such a flowery word - intestinal flora. It has nothing to do with [...]

Frau mit Symptome Darmerkrankung
The most common symptoms of intestinal disease

If you have bowel disease symptoms, the question you may have is: Are the symptoms due to the intestine or [...]

Darmflora-Bakterien: Welche Mikroben bevölkern unseren Darm?
Bacteria of the intestinal flora: Which microbes populate our intestines?

Many people associate bacteria with contamination and the risk of infection. In our intestines, however, the microbes are quite welcome: [...]

The human intestine: A very special organ

The average length of an adult's intestine is six metres. However, this is by no means the most amazing thing [...]

Gute und schlechte Bakterien in deinem Darm
You are not alone!

Learn how your billions of bacteria are always there for you. In the cleaning department of a drugstore, there is [...]

gesundes Essen, gesunder Darm!
This food will make your gut happy

This food makes your gut happy… …and of course, you too! For a while now scientists have been investigating the [...]

Intestinal bacteria: Small helpers with big impact

On and above all in our bodies live more microorganisms than we have our own body cells. This is no [...]

Probiotic food cans full range and offer

What are probiotics and how do they increase our well-being? The term "probiotic" derives from Latin and is composed of [...]

Deine Darmflora entscheidet über dein Wohlbefinden
Your intestinal flora determines your well-being

Which bacteria does our intestine contain? Not all bacteria in our intestine are desirable. A balanced, healthy intestinal flora consists [...]