When your bowel’s acting like a diva

Wenn sich dein Darm wie eine Diva verhält

An intestinal flora test at home can help with irritable bowel complaints

Is it still you who determines your daily routine or has your digestion taken over the supremacy? Irritable bowel syndrome regularly causes cramps, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation - sometimes several symptoms at the same time, sometimes in alternation. It is surely only a small consolation to you if you read now: you are not alone. About one in five people in industrialized countries are plagued with irritable bowel syndrome. Unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions about possible causes and treatment. Although you can assume that your lifestyle will influences your bowel, a hereditary predisposition can also be to blame for your bowel behaving like a diva. Irritable bowel syndrome is not dangerous, only very unpleasant. Scientists have not yet been able to find out what exactly is to blame for these stomach cramps, flatulence among other things. They suspect from the intestinal flora.

The bacterial composition is no longer correct

So far, scientists have been able to determine that the intestinal microbiota, i.e. the intestinal flora of an irritable bowel differs from a healthy one. The number of Firmicutes bacteria is often increased, while other bacteria, such as Bacteroides and Bifidobacterial, are sparsely sown. Each bacterial strain has a special task in the intestine. If there are too many of one variety and just a few of the other, we can no longer carry out with clean and healthy digestion. That's why you have stress in your stomach after every meal. Scientists have not yet been able to find out whether the altered intestinal flora is a consequence or the cause of irritable bowel syndrome.


Find the right bacteria for your intestines

Maybe you read that yogurt is supposed to help. Basically, the idea is not wrong, because what your gut needs now are probiotics. These are the good intestinal bacteria, of which you probably have only a few. Lactic acid bacteria are the most common bacteria in your intestines. They cause the pH value to drop to a perfect acidic level. The bad bacteria hate that and stop multiplying immediately. At the same time, the good bacteria take away everything they need to thrive. If they are then only a few, they get from the good ones on the cap and so the intestinal mucosa can stabilize again. And as soon as it is, germs and toxins can no longer get through.

If your bowels regularly behave like a diva, then yogurt is unfortunately no longer enough. You need something stronger, a lot of living bacteria and the yogurt has not so many of them to bring you the help you need. Now there are different bacterial strains, and all are represented in different numbers in your intestine. How your intestinal flora looks like, is something you get to know with a test. Our self-test INTEST.pro is designed exactly for this. And you can prepare it at home in a relaxed way. You take a stool sample (don't worry, it's not as unpleasant as it used to be, now a large cotton swab is enough) and send it to the BIOMES laboratory. There, scientists evaluate your intestinal flora. You can view the data online two weeks later. In the evaluation, you see a list of the bacteria which are present in your intestinal flora. You will find out from which bacteria you may have too many and from which too little. In addition, we will recommend you which probiotics could support your intestinal flora, and which is the right type of nutrition for you, if you cannot digest certain food components such as carbohydrates, fats or proteins well. We aim to bring your intestinal flora back to balance so that you feel fit, healthy and well again.

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