Stark gegen Darmkrebs

Feed the good ones!
This is how your beneficial bacteria protect you from intestinal cancer

Vegane Ernährung – die 6 besten Nahrungsmittel für eine ausgeglichene Darmflora

Vegan diet – the 6 best foods for a balanced intestinal flora

Einfach zu süß! Warum dein Darm keinen Zucker mag.

Sugar is the enemy in the gut: Why your gut doesn’t like sugar

Sugar is the new bogeyman among foods. What today is called the \”white poison\” was in the Middle Ages the \”white gold\”. At that time sugar was very rare. Today you not only get the so-called granulated sugar cheaply, but […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Probiotic food – or why your gut loves cheese

The stink is a real killer. Harz cheese, Limburger, Roquefort, cave cheese, they all stink! But cheese connoisseurs know: the more stinky the cheese, the better its taste. Stinky cheese is also healthy, because with every piece you eat a […]

How to fight the irritable bowel with the right nutrition

Rumbling, pulling, bubbling or pinching, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation or just nasty stomach ache. If your bowels are going crazy, then there is an urgent need to clean them up. It\’s like with the basement: we stuff everything into it for […]