Irritable bowel syndrome: The right diet

Textabschnitt rechts An irritable bowel syndrome manifests itself differently in each person affected. There are no general nutritional recommendations for irritable bowel syndrome that patients can follow. Which foods are the right choice for irritable bowel syndrome always depends on […]

Colitis ulcerosa: Which diet is the right one?

Anyone who has ulcerative colitis will have wondered whether the diet affects this chronic intestinal inflammation. Are there any foods that could help the onset of the disease? Which Ulcerative Colitis diet prevent a relapse and prevent discomfort? Do I […]

Probiotic food – or why your gut loves cheese

The stink is a real killer. Harz cheese, Limburger, Roquefort, cave cheese, they all stink! But cheese connoisseurs know: the more stinky the cheese, the better its taste. Stinky cheese is also healthy, because with every piece you eat a […]

Sauerkraut for digestion: How to make the natural probiotic yourself


Crohn’s disease: the right diet for more well-being

The cause of Crohn’s disease and some other intestinal diseases is not fully understood. However, certain environmental factors and dietary habits seem to increase the likelihood of an outbreak. Change to a Crohn’s disease diet! left no-repeat;left top;; auto Textabschnitt […]