Stark gegen Darmkrebs

Feed the good ones!
This is how your beneficial bacteria protect you from intestinal cancer


E. coli bacteria: That’s what they do in the intestines

E. coli bacteria – or simply E. coli bacteria – are considered to be the trigger of numerous diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Many epidemic infections are caused by one of the numerous E. coli bacterial strains. But there are […]

Bacteroidetes: That is why you should care for them


Intestinal bacteria – the superheroes in your body

They crawl and teem and keep crawling everywhere – bacteria. Over 100 trillion of these little things live in your body and most of them in your digestive tract. The technical term is microbiota. This is the community of all […]

Intestinal flora – what is it actually?

Intestinal flora – what is it actually? Such a flowery word – intestinal flora. It has nothing to do with flowers or plants. However, in the past, people thought that bacteria belonged to plants. But nowadays we know that bacteria […]

The most common symptoms of intestinal disease

If you have bowel disease symptoms, the question you may have is: Are the symptoms due to the intestine or do they have another cause? What complicates the answer is that there are intestinal diseases whose symptoms are not always […]