What do chronic intestinal diseases have to do with bacteria?

Your entire intestine is colonized by bacteria. That sounds worrying at first, but it\’s not. The unicellular organisms ensure that you are healthy and active – unless there is an imbalance between \”good\” and \”bad\” microbes. This can lead to […]

Disturbed intestinal flora: When intestinal bacteria cause symptoms

Where is the body\’s own defence system actually located? It is now scientifically proven that the immune system is largely located in the intestine. In addition to thousands of bacterial species, up to 80 percent of the active defence cells […]

Inflammation of the bowel:

People who frequently have problems with their stomach and intestines know that it is often difficult to find the exact cause of abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhoea or gastroenteritis. Often numerous examinations are necessary in order to make an exact diagnosis. […]

Ulcerative colitis: medicines for every phase of the disease

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic intestinal disease, which so far has been considered as not curable. However, there are medication for ulcerative colitis that can keep the disease under control. The disease can be of varying severity and also occurs […]

Ulcerative colitis: What therapies are there?

Constant urge to stool, cramps, fever – the chronic inflammatory intestinal disease ulcerative colitis is unpleasant, painful and, in the worst case, does not allow the affected person to have a normal everyday life. This makes it even more important […]

Ulcerative colitis: How do relapses of the disease manifest themselves?

Complaints in the gastrointestinal tract can have a variety of causes. These can often be traced back to a gastrointestinal infection. Persistent or frequent cramps, diarrhoea, nausea or fever can also indicate chronic intestinal inflammation. These intestinal diseases include for […]