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Help your customers or patients to improve their well-being and get their symptoms under control.

  • Tendency to gain weight (calorie utilization)
  • Tendency to adverse food reactions
  • Balance of intestinal bacteria
  • Strength of the immune system
  • Vitamin synthesis
  • Digestion


You can reach our sales department by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5 pm CET.

+ 49 (0)3375 585 62 39
With our innovative intestinal flora analysis you can analyze your customers’ symptoms and provide suggestions for improvement. These include recommendations on nutrition, the ingestion of probiotic food supplements, including vitamins, and sport activities.

We also offer probiotic food supplements whose proprietary formula is based on the latest scientific findings regarding the positive effects of the useful bacteria they contain. You will find further information in our shop.

If you work in the health care sector or sell health-related products and would like to become our sales partner, contact us via our contact form.

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