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About us

BIOMESScience is our foundation

Behind BIOMES is a team of passionate and experienced scientists. We built our company on the basis of years of research work with the goal of making cutting-edge technologies accessible to everyone.

Our vision: We want to help people live healthier lives. To achieve this, we combine advanced technologies with the latest scientific findings to create simple tests for use at home. After several years of research, we spun off from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau in 2017 with a grant and launched our first product not long after: Our multi-award-winning intestinal test INTEST.pro helps our customers get to know their intestinal bacteria and sort out personal weak points with personalised nutritional recommendations. Our technology platform, which is able to analyse any DNA on this planet, offers us almost unlimited possibilities for developing new products.

Technology Cutting-edge biotechnology used to help people

BIOMES gives people tools with the aim of making them healthier and happier, and wants to be a lifelong companion on the path to humans and animals living healthier lives. The INTEST.pro intestinal flora analysis is a quantum leap in stool analysis.

At BIOMES, we want to help our customers with their health throughout their lives. To do this, we develop tools that combine cutting-edge biotech methods, scientific evidence and user-friendliness.

BIOMES Wissenschaftler mit Kittel im Labor
BIOMES All from a single source, with the highest scientific standards

We are the only company on the European market that independently carries out all the necessary steps in microbiome testing: from the laboratory analysis through to interpretation of the findings. This is how we ensure that sensitive information does not get passed on to third parties. In addition, thanks to carrying out our own research and development, we are world leaders in technology and always at the cutting-edge of science. Our knowledge database for interpreting the microbiome profile already comprises over 7,900 clinical and scientific studies, which are selected according to a strict catalogue of criteria. Our statements are 100% evidence-based – guaranteed.

Isabel Dorst
Innovation Specialist Bioinformatics
Plamena Dikarlo
Senior Scientist Research & Development
Darius Mellentin
Sales Development Specialist
Dr. Paul Hammer
CEO & Founder
Carsten Krumbiegel
CTO & Co-Founder
Christin Günther
CPO & Co-Founderin
Jonas Dierenbach
Head of IT & Co-Founder
Philipp Franke
Head of Laboratory
Dr. Tewodros Debebe
Head of Science
Andrej Wackerow
CCO & Co-Founder
BIOMES gives people the tools to make them healthier and happier and works towards becoming their lifelong healthcare consultant.

Dr. Paul Hammer
(CEO & Founder)

BIOMES SupportAdvisory Board

‘; Oliver HöppnerSerial entrepreneur & life science expert
‘; Technical University of Applied Sciences WildauLeading university in the field of biotechnology and genomics