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Understand intestinal complaints
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Analysis & recommendations based on scientific findings

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How works

Your results: This is how the report looks like

Why our intestinal flora analysis offers added value

Analysis of your complete intestinal flora

Our experts analyze your complete intestinal flora using state-of-the-art biotech sequencing techniques.

Access to our dashboard

Explore your intestinal flora using our clear, graphic online dashboard.

Recommendations to improve your quality of life

Our dashboard provides you with personalized and scientifically-proven recommendations for improving your quality of life.

PDF report

You can easily download and print your results directly as a PDF. Then have the results examined by an expert such as your personal physician or a nutritionist.

Analysis & recommendations based on scientific findings

Your sample is analyzed by BIOMES scientists* in the BIOMES laboratory and is not passed on to external service providers.

Your privacy

Your data is in safe hands with us. We attach great importance to data protection and exclusively use German servers.

Why compared to conventional testing?

Kultivierung in der Petrischale

Family doctor

Conventional analysis without DNA

  • Conventional methods can only analyse about 15-20% of intestinal bacteria.
  • The analysis of the stool sample is done with a lengthy cultivation method.
  • The stool is spread out on a culture medium to observe bacterial growth.
  • As a result, you receive information only on the very basic and cultivable strains in your intestinal flora.

BIOMES analysis of bacterial DNA

  • thus identifies almost 100% of all known intestinal bacteria.
  • The analysis of the microbial DNA is carried out with the most modern biotechnological Next-Generation-Sequencing method.
  • Bacteria also have DNA and this is already contained in the smallest amounts of stool. Your individual DNA is interpreted using the BIOMES knowledge database, which contains the results of over 6,000 scientific and clinical studies on intestinal flora.
  • As a result, you will have access to a comprehensive online dashboard with detailed findings, recommendations and a nutritional plan.

Why is the intestinal flora so important?

Welt der Wunder
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Labor Journal

A technological quantum leap with BIOMES

BIOMES is a biotech company with a state-of-the-art laboratory at Technische Hochschule Wildau.

BIOMES is not only a technological pioneer in the European market, but also the only provider worldwide that combines state-of-the-art biotechnological processes and machine learning with affordable, user-friendly services, whereby all processes (including laboratory) are carried out in-house.

scientific studies

over several years of research form the basis of the BIOMES interpretations are constantly being expanded.

anonymous data set

as well as customer data sets about microbiota profiles enable BIOMES to compare people individually with healthy subgroups.
Max. 15%

of intestinal bacteria

are cultured using classical analytical methods from other laboratories.

of the intestinal bacteria

can be detected with the BIOMES method. As a leading technology company we use state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing.

Our backers & partners

TH Wildau Claim Europäischer Sozialfonds Claim Europäischer Sozialfonds Europäische Union Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Inneres Exist Förderung
BIOMES employs two Brandenburg innovation experts who are supported by the European Social Fund and the state of Brandenburg.

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